Bad EmotionsxxxxBad Emotions 2

   Let's hope Love doesn't decide to stop for worms.
 This seems like it would be more work to figure out which boxes to check instead of just writing a short note.  
   At this solemn time of giving thanks, let's shoot something.
 What's not to love about Beaver City, Nebraska?  
   A heartfelt Season's Greetings from the land of desolation and despair.
 It's obviously so boring there that the only thing anyone can do is write.  
   I hope "darling baby" doesn't get nghtmares from this card.
 She has that look of "Touch me, and I'll rip your eyes out and feed them to my chickens."  
   And a woman's love is like a land mine. Step on it, and it blows your a** off..
 Yep, this postcard is chock full of news.